Business Venture Partners was founded in 2004 and the investment team works on behalf of its clients buying and selling companies, raising finances, working with start-ups and advising on strategic growth, business succession and owner exits. The team skills are a mix of Chartered Accountants (top 4 practices) and Engineers. Since 2007, BVP is the investment manager for the Simple Green BES and EII Funds which we established. We have invested, on behalf of our investors, in some of Ireland’s most innovative, high potential companies such as Celtic Bioenergy, EFT Controls, Optinergy, Hybrid Energy Solutions and Ikon Semiconductor.

In 2016 BVP launched The 10th BVP Green EII Fund. The fund provides eligible investors with the opportunity to avail of up to 40% income tax relief and provides the investor access to a portfolio of cleantech companies and renewable energy projects. Our philosophy is to work hard with each investment to deliver valuable support for the company promoters and build shareholder value for our investors.

BVP has also successfully raised and invested the two BVP Wind Bonds. The BVP Wind Bonds gives pension investors the opportunity to access the lucrative Northern Irish wind market.

The board of BVP are Elliott Griffin, David Gavagan (non-executive) and Thomas Byrne (non-executive).  To contact any of us please email Elliott at

Key Characteristics of BVP Investments Ltd.

  • Established since 2004 as a Corporate finance adviser for SME / Owner managed businesses.
  • Strong background in venture investing and business management.
  • Successfully raised 8 BES/EII funds since 2007.
  • Have active participation on investee boards.
  • Investment Strategy is to spread investments over project finance and a portfolio of high potential companies.
  • Investments are medium term in a range of companies.