The 10th BVP Green EII Fund

The 10th BVP Green EII Fund provides eligible investors with the opportunity to avail of up to 40% income tax relief and provides the investor access to a portfolio of cleantech companies and renewable energy projects.

The primary objectives of the Fund is to provide Investors with the opportunity to invest in selected Qualifying Companies and therefore benefit from the tax relief provisions of the EII Scheme and the expected growth in the value of the shares from the date of investment to the date of realisation.

Key Attractions

  • Access to a portfolio of companies which will diversify your investment portfolio
  • Avail of one of the few remaining income tax reliefs with relief available of up to 40% to qualifying investors.
  • Six-monthly reports for investors and an Investor Conference held every year to update our existing investors
  • Investor charges are a once-off commission of 3.5% on top of their investment and no annual charges.

Through its expertise in the cleantech industry, BVP will invest a range of areas which may include trading activities in recycling, energy efficiency, agriculture, energy storage, water, renewable energy generation and transportation.

The targeted return for the Fund is 15% per annum (including the tax relief at the marginal rate).

Each investment will be structured with a specific exit contracts called Put and Call option agreements.

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