The 2017 BVP Investor Conference was held on Wednesday 4th October at The Spencer Hotel, IFSC. We would like to extend our thanks to all that attended.

The conference provided investors with an update on the BVP Green BES and EII Funds progress over the past 12 months. In addition, several of our portfolio companies presented on the day to give an insight as to how the investment monies were deployed and the challenges faced over the past number of years.

Investor Conference Presentations

Portfolio Company Presentation – Zeto

Portfolio Company Presentation – Accuflow

Portfolio Company Presentation – Warik

Portfolio Company Presentation – Green Generation

BVP Portfolio Company UrbanVolt has received an international accolade for its innovative business model.

UrbanVolt last year signed an agreement with the SUSI Energy Efficiency Fund (SEEF), agreeing an initial funding line of €30 million to UrbanVolt for LED retrofits for industrial premises.

The deal between UrbanVolt and SUSI Partners, who operate the SEEF, is the first time institutional capital of this magnitude has been put through a dedicated funding facility to finance small-scale energy efficiency projects in small to medium sized enterprises.
SEEF is the largest independent investment vehicle financing energy efficiency projects across Europe, with the agreement signed with UrbanVolt last year.

The deal between the parties has now been named as the global Energy Efficiency Deal of the Year 2017 by Environmental Finance.

Now in its 10th year, the awards recognise financial transactions which are having a transformative effect on the financial sector and the environment.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Cool Planet Experience are looking for one person in each county to become an advocate for halting global warming and helping to drive change.

Cool Planet Experience (CPE), an interactive visitor experience located at the Powerscourt Estate in Co Wicklow, will bring visitors on an innovative journey of climate change discovery in an interactive, engaging and fun way. The aim is to enable everyone to see how they can play their part in transforming Ireland to a low-carbon society.

BVP is a proud sponsor of the Cool Planet Experience.

BVP Portfolio company Green Generation featured in the Irish Times “A Renewable Heat Incentive “will make it possible for farmers to become ‘energy farmers’, to put crops into a biogas plant”.

Ireland, with its large agriculture sector, is considered the EU member state with best potential to exploit biogas. But a “renewable heat incentive” (RHI) to support this sector is absent. It’s urgently required, according to those prepared to back the green technology – Ireland is the only EU country without a RHI.

Much of Diageo’s gas needs next year are likely to be supplied by Green Generation in Nurney, Co Kildare, an anaerobic digester (AD) plant set up by pig farmer Billy Costello. The €5 million biogas facility is beside one of his pig farms. It is designated a demonstration facility by Gas Networks Ireland, the State-owned Ervia subsidiary supporting development of renewable energy.

Fines loom for Ireland after 2020 if there is a failure to meet renewable energy targets. Biogas comes with benefits: it’s a renewable energy source that farmers can help generate and it reduces CO2 emissions associated with farming, which are responsible for a third of Irish greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.