The 2017 BVP Investor Conference

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The 2017 BVP Investor Conference was held on Wednesday 4th October at The Spencer Hotel, IFSC. We would like to extend our thanks to all that attended.

The conference provided investors with an update on the BVP Green BES and EII Funds progress over the past 12 months. In addition, several of our portfolio companies presented on the day to give an insight as to how the investment monies were deployed and the challenges faced over the past number of years.

Investor Conference Presentations

Portfolio Company Presentation – Zeto

Portfolio Company Presentation – Accuflow

Portfolio Company Presentation – Warik

Portfolio Company Presentation – Green Generation

High-tech climate change centre planned for Powerscourt estate

Irish Times story involving BVP portfolio company Crowley Carbon and it’s CEO Norman Crowley:

Dripping glaciers, extreme weather rooms and trees with pulsating hearts are among some of the high-tech exhibits planned for a climate change centre at Powerscourt estate in Co Wicklow.

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The 2nd BVP Wind Bond has now closed to Investors.


The 2nd BVP Wind Bond recently closed to investors as it was fully subscribed. The BVP Wind Bonds invest in lucrative 250kW single turbine wind projects in Northern Ireland. The 2nd BVP Wind Bond has now completed two investments and the projections are under construction at present.

Investors will be repaid capital and interest every 6 months with the first repayment deferred until month 24 to allow cash balances to build in the projects. Investors will earn 10% interest per annum based on the balance outstanding on their loan.

To date the BVP Wind Bonds have been well received by both pension and private investors.

BVP will be launching further Green Energy Bonds over the coming months. For further information, please contact by clicking the contact link above.