m   You should review your tax position for 2016 and determine how much income you will have taxable at the marginal rate (currently 40%). Your financial broker or tax consultant can assist you with this if necessary.

m   Find out what options are available to you to reduce your 2016 tax liability. An EII investment is an excellent option to reduce your 2016 tax liability. Please contact us if you would like receive an Investor pack for the 10th BVP Green EII Fund.

Investment Size Ready-Reckoner (a)

Income taxed at 40%

Tax Efficient
EII Investment (b)

Cheque to write (incl. 3%) commission




























m   If you decide to invest in the 10th BVP Green EII Fund, you should complete the application form and return it to BVP Investments Limited along with a cheque for your investment and commission (3%).

The 10th BVP Green EII Fund will remain open to 2016 investment until the first investment has been completed. To request further information or an Investor pack please contact us.

(a) The calculation is illustrative only. The purpose of this calculation is to provide guidance on the tax efficient investment amount which an investor may consider. The calculation assumes that the investor has no other deductions or exempt income which would reduce the individuals income assessable to the 40% tax rate. You should consult your tax consultant, accountant or professional adviser before making an investment decision.

(b) The tax you will pay at the marginal rate of 40% will be reduced to nil. You will still pay tax at the standard rate of tax.