Our fund raises money to invest in companies that have positioned themselves in the green area. In the past the types of company we have invested in include bioenergy, recycling, hybrid power, energy efficiency and energy monitoring companies. We are interested in all companies actively involved in the green and cleantech area.

In essence we are interested in assisting companies who have developed or wish to develop environmental technologies or projects that can be scaled so that both the developer and investors can grow a business that in time will generate profit.

Don’t think we’ll insist on you making profits straight away. In our experience many start up technology companies may be months or even a year away from profits. We know that you’ll need our fund to help you make the investment in staff, research and development and overheads to allow your company reach its potential.

Historically, we’ve worked closely with our investment companies. We’ll take a seat on the board and provide financial and management assistance to your company throughout the period of our involvement.

EII Investment Process

4 Year Investment A EII investment from our company is required by legislation to be in place for at least 4 years. That’s how we sell it to our existing and potential investors.

Equity Stake We will seek an equity stake in your company/project in return for our investment. We will typically take a stake depending on the agreed valuation.

Our Involvement Throughout the period of the investment we’ll be an active partner in this business. We will likely take a place on your board of directors and assist you in guiding the company to success over the period of our involvement.

Exit Strategy After 4 years we’ll seek to sell our stake. Typically, we’ll agree with you before we make our investment a method to have the company valued by an independent third party.

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