BVP Investments, an early stage investor in green businesses such as Ikon Semiconductor, Hybrid Energy Solutions and bhsl, have forecast a positive outlook for Ireland’s green business sector, despite the gloomy outlook for other sectors of the economy. The positive outlook is based on its analysis of projected growth in the sector throughout 2015 and beyond. The current performance of Ireland’s green sector is generating optimism among investors that significant growth levels can be achieved in the next five years.

“Over the past seven years we have invested in a diverse range of green businesses and we are already seeing the many positive results which have flowed from our investments. Despite the backdrop of market uncertainty, additional international investors have also been secured and these investors are attaching higher valuations to the companies we have invested in because of their high growth potential. There’s no doubt that with the right investment behind it the clean tech sector has the potential to lead Ireland’s economic recovery over the coming years.”

– Elliott Griffin, Managing Director of BVP