Solar Bond Open to Enquiries

Investment Highlights

The BVP Solar Bond is open to all investors. Highlights include:

  • 6% gross interest per annum
  • 4 year loan term
  • Annual interest payments.
  • Projects are underpinned by strong contracted Revenue streams secured by the AAA rated UK Government.
  • BVP Solar Bond is an asset class uncorrelated to other assets classes.
  • BVP Solar Finance Company holds security over the project assets and solar panels.
  • Each project has the ability to generate large profit margins.
  • Investment in medium scale (1.5 MW) solar projects which have strong commercial and public support in Northern Ireland.
  • Excellent Sites Selected in across Northern Ireland

Enquire About Our Bonds

Our installation partner SALIIS

For this bond, we have partnered with leading solar installer SALIIS. Check out the video below of one of their recent projects in Northern Ireland for Bombardier.

Previous BVP Bonds

BVP raised finance for the construction and operation of medium size (250 kW) wind turbines in Northern Ireland. Currently Northern Ireland offers one of the world’s best government backed incentives for the operation of medium sized wind turbines of up to 250 kW in maximum generation capacity. The government incentivises the operation of this size of turbine by granting four renewable energy obligation certificates (ROCs) to a project for every megawatt hour generated. Combined with the electricity generated, this results in a strong revenue stream from day 1 of project operation.

BVP has now financed five 250kW wind turbines in Northern Ireland.

These investments are completed in the form of a Loan Note with BVP Wind Finance Co. and there is no minimum investment amount per investor.

  • Sunday Business Post

    The operations and maintenance providers to the BVP Wind Bond were recently discussing the Northern Ireland wind market in the Sunday Business Post. Please click here for further details.

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