FAQs and Answers:

Q1. What security is in place for my investment?

A1. Investors in BVP Green Bond 2018 Ltd. (“the Issuer”) will have the standard default protections in the event that the issuer fails to pay the accrued interest or fails to redeem the loans at the end of the terms. Investments will be made through a loan note instrument and the Issuer will require security in the form of a debenture over the assets of the target investments. The Issuer will be a debt provider for the underlying investments and as such the investors’ capital will rank equally or ahead of other lenders or equity providers in all liquidity events.


Q2. What do I need to send with my application for investment?


  1. Completed Application Form
  2. Signed Option Agreement
  3. A cheque/bank draft/bank transfer for the investment payable to BVP Green Bond 2018 Limited
  4. Certified photo ID and proof of address ID documents/ Alternatively, you can digitally submit your proof of identity documents using the ID-Pal app on your smartphone. To access ID-Pal click here and follow the instructions to download the app and digitally submit your documents.

A copy of the Loan Note instrument is available on request.

Q3. Can you tell me more about the target investments?

A3. Yes – we are well progressed with a shortlist of target investment opportunities for the BVP Green Bond 2018. For this €7.5m bond issue there is an indicative split of 60% for renewable energy projects and 40% for venture-backed growing companies with impactful technologies and services.


Renewable Energy Projects

  • New Build 2.5MW Wind Farm, Co. Mayo
  • Biomass Combined Heat & Power Plant, Co. Cork
High-Growth Companies

  • Medical Waste Technology Company, Dublin
  • Industrial LED Lighting Company, Dublin


Q4. Can advisors introduce the BVP Green Bond 2018 to their clients?

A4. Before making introductions to clients, brokers and advisors need to sign and return the BVP Agency Agreement.  Furthermore we recommend that advisors should only brief clients on our general bond investments prior to assessing client suitability. Should an advisor consider that they have suitable clients for the investment product, BVP request a copy of such suitability statement prior to issuing an invitation to invest.

BVP will pay a commission of 3% of the investment amount to introducers.