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Investing with BVP

BVP offer investors the opportunity invest in carefully selected companies as part of a diversified fund. Our Funds allow investors to benefit from the tax relief provided by the EII Scheme and also offers the potential for their investments to appreciate in value.

We actively seek partnerships with Irish companies led by strong management teams and global ambition.

Our investments focus on companies that aim to achieve measurable social and environmental impact while delivering attractive financial returns.

BVP Investments is regulated by the Irish Central Bank.

investment highlights

Our diverse investment portfolio is strategically designed to achieve tax relief of 35%.

Diversified investment

Our funds allocate investments across companies in varied sectors such as Renewable Energy, Medtech, ICT, and AI, aiming for a broad exposure to innovative industries.

Up to 50% tax relief

Investments through the EIIS can yield tax reliefs of 20%, 35%, or 50%. At BVP, our goal is to secure a composite tax relief of 35% for our investors.

Support Irish Companies

Our investments are directed towards fueling Irish innovation, playing a pivotal role in nurturing homegrown talent and groundbreaking ventures across the country, aligning with Ireland's aspirations for a dynamic and forward-looking economy.

Investor Communication

Our investor communication is designed to keep stakeholders informed and engaged, featuring regular newsletters, an informative podcast, an accessible investor portal, and comprehensive biannual reports, ensuring transparency and up-to-date insights into investment performance and strategies.

Experienced Team

With two decades of experience, BVP stands as a testament to enduring financial expertise, operating under the stringent regulation of the Central Bank of Ireland to ensure the highest standards of integrity and trustworthiness in managing investments.

Our track record

20 Years of Leadership: Investing in the Future with Confidence

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What is EIIS? 01

The EIIS is a tax relief incentive scheme which enables investors to deduct a portion of their investment from their total income for income tax purposes. 

What is the term of an EIIS investment? 02

Shares must be held for a minimum of 4 years to avail of the tax relief.

How much can I Invest? 03

Tax relief is available on qualifying investments up to a maximum of €500,000 for the tax year.

What is the tax relief an investor obtains? 04

Investors can obtain different tax relief rates under the EIIS (Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme) based on the type of investment:

50% Tax Relief: This rate is available for “initial risk finance” investments in companies that have never operated in any market before.

35% Tax Relief: Investors can avail of a 35% tax relief rate for “initial risk finance” investments in companies that are within 7 years of their first commercial sale or 10 years of incorporation.

20% Tax Relief: This rate applies to both “expansion risk finance” investments, which are eligible when based on a new economic activity outlined in a business plan, and “follow-on risk finance” investments, provided the possibility of follow-on risk finance was included in the initial or expansion risk finance business plan.

BVP expects to achieve a blended rate of 35% on their investment portfolio.

What types of income can qualify for tax relief through EIIS? 05

An individual with a taxable income liability in the year the EIIS investment is made. Taxable income includes (1) PAYE earnings (2) rental income from property held in a personal capacity (3) bank deposit interest income and (4) ARF distribution income. 

Who selects the investee companies? 06

The fund manager(BVP) conducts a thorough due diligence and screening process, evaluating numerous potential investee companies each year, and selects investments with careful consideration.

Can an investor expect to make a return above his/her tax relief? 07

Most EII investments available on the market seek to generate a return above the tax relief.

At BVP we are targeting an annual return of 15% including tax relief.

What are the primary risks associated with EIIS investments? 08

This investment typically involves medium-to-long-term commitments in unquoted companies, with no early exit option (investor’s capital must remain invested for a minimum of 4 years to retain tax relief). These investments lack liquidity and may require an extended timeframe to realise their value. Investors are subject to the performance of the investee company and may potentially lose some or all of their invested capital. The investment’s value can fluctuate, both upward and downward.

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