Our History

BVP was established two decades ago and started out as a boutique corporate finance advisory before becoming a venture investor. We were one of the first dedicated EIIS (then BES) funds in Ireland. Since then we have grown into a multi-asset investment platform, providing a range of capital solutions to companies at various stages of the business life cycle.

We have invested in over 80 companies and have operated through the best and worst economic cycles. This experience is what brings our value, we have seen it all. Our responsibility is to share our experience with the partners we support.

Assets Under Management
Companies backed
20 years in Business

Our focus

Backing the people building great companies.

BVP invest in ambitious entrepreneurs who are building great companies. Our investment focus spans health, climate, mobility and technology. We invest at early and growth stages and structure solutions depending on the unique needs of the Company. We invest in the people behind the Company first.
Our approach is hands-on when needed, but always fully trusting the founders to lead the way.

Our Guiding Principles

The values that drive us

A cornerstone of trust. We maintain open, honest dialogues with our partners, stakeholders and investors. We aim to demystify the investment process, set clear expectations and provide consistent feedback, empowering entrepreneurs and investors alike.
We prioritise company’s that blend profit with purpose. Our commitment extends beyond financial returns to encompass social, environmental, and governance impact. By investing in companies that lead with responsibility, we aim to foster a future where business success and sustainability go hand in hand.
A critical trait that helps navigating obstacles and challenges to push toward goals.

Key Characteristics

How we make an impact


With two decades in business, our team brings deep market insight and a blend of operational, financial, and entrepreneurial expertise. This deep-seated experience ensures we understand the intricacies of the companies we invest in and the landscape in which they operate in.


Our approach is straightforward and transparent. We value honesty, ensuring clear, direct communication. Our partners can expect us to be upfront, providing candid feedback and guidance without sugarcoating the challenges.


Our investment strategy encompasses both debt and equity, providing the versatility to tailor solutions that best fit our Partner’s needs. This enables us to support growth in the most effective way possible, adapting our approach where needed.