Creative Structuring and Solutions

Investing across the capital spectrum

BVP invest across a range of sectors including energy, mobility, health and technology. The business models and technologies we invest in can differ, but the entrepreneurs we back all share similar traits, that is a relentless drive and ambition to build great companies.

We will only invest in areas we believe we can add value and expertise. Our approach is grounded in helping companies with creative financing solutions to support them in scaling as efficiently and effectively as possible. We invest across the capital spectrum and can invest via debt, equity or hybrid solutions.

Where We Invest

We invest across early and growth stages

You have a strong founding team in place and can demonstrate a significant market opportunity, ideally with commercial validation or revenue traction.
You have a proven business model, and are looking to scale without giving up control or significant equity.
You are undertaking capital intensive projects with clear and predictable revenue streams.
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The Investment Process

We align interests at the outset.

Time to Execute

We focus in on the key success factors first. Once a term sheet is signed the time to close depends on how prepared you are and how quickly you can bring existing stakeholders along.

Active Partner

We take active roles in the companies we partner with. For early stage investments we typically take a seat on the Board.


If investing with equity, we will look for a minority stake and will always consider the entrepreneurs and employees incentive.


Responsible business practice is a must. We appreciate some early stage company’s might not have policies in place. If that is the case we expect to agree on a plan to get there.

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