11th BVP Green EII Fund

Tax Relief:                          40% (30% + 10%)

Minimum Investment:         €5,000
Maximum Investment:        €150,000

Closing Date:                     31st December 2017
Proposed Exit Date:            31st December 2023

Upfront Commission:          3.0%
Annual Charges:                 None

Why BVP?

BVP are an investment manager who specialise in trading companies which are export led and which promote sustainability and resource efficiency.  We take away the hassle with investing directly in a company. You can benefit from the years of experience of one of Ireland’s longest established, Revenue approved EIIS fund managers.

We look after your investment through our extensive due diligence process and by taking a board seat with most of the companies we invest in. Our six monthly reports and annual investor conference keep you informed throughout the term of your investment.

Is a return of Capital guaranteed?

The tax relief provides a guarantee on a portion of the Capital. For example, in the case of a €30,000 investment, 30% of the investment i.e. €9,000 is the guaranteed element and 10% of the investment i.e. €3,000 is reasonably assured subject to the Company complying with the terms of the EII scheme.

The balance of the Capital can be further protected (but not guaranteed) with a spread of investments across a number of companies within a portfolio.

Can an investor expect to make a return above his/her tax relief?

Most EIIS investments available on the market seek to generate a return above the tax relief.

At BVP we are targeting an annual return of 15% (i.e. 3.5% above the tax relief only rate of return) for BVP’s 11th Green EII Fund.

An EIIS Investment in the 11th BVP Green EII Fund  can range from €5,000 to €150,000

Note 1: Assumes income levels remain constant in future years.
Note 2: Tax relief will be claimed in two tranches, 30% in the year of investment and the remaining 10% on the completion of the four year holding period and subject to the Investee Companies meeting certain conditions.
These examples above are shown for the purpose of illustration only. Investors should seek competent tax advice before making an EIIS investment. Please refer to EIIS Investment page for further information.

The value of your investment may fall as well as rise. Investors may lose some or all of their initial investments.
Other terms and conditions apply and can be found in our prospectus.